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Welcome To Car Battery Road Rescue

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Welcome to Car Battery Road Rescue. We are Singapore’s leading car batteries, tyre replacement and repair company. Whenever your car tires give up, we are there to help your car get back on the road by providing it with the best care and service.
The expertise we have are car tyre replacement and car battery replacement. When it comes to looking after your car, you can rely on the experience and skill of Car Battery Road Rescue’s team.
Our team of efficient recovery experts works to furnish you with the best car battery replacement service right round the clock at the most competitive prices.

Onsite Replacement Service

Often, you are driving and having a smooth journey, when suddenly the car starts steering sideways or gets out of control. That is when you know your car tyres are liable to give out or burst, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. With Car Battery Road Rescue, you would never be stranded. No matter where you are. We are extremely dedicated when it comes to serving you. We are available round the clock, throughout the year for your assistance.

Why Choose Us?

We strive to be one of the best car tyre shops in Singapore. We always pick up the best branded products and offer a huge range of car tyres at great prices. Our experts provide professional advice & highest standards of service. We also have car batteries with the longest life that is available in Singapore and came up with a handful of brands. “AMARON” is among the popular brands we found. This brand leads the market and has a reputation of having a long life and is used in over 50% of vehicles in operation including taxis, military, and police vehicles. Amaron car batteries are made with leading technology from US-based Johnson Controls (Amaron’s co-owner) with its additional silver component makes it last and last. We also supply GLOBATT AND HOPPECKE EFB car batteries. These batteries are designed especially for vehicles equipped with START-STOP engines.

Fast Services

Our clear communication, realistically expected times of arrival (ETA) and transparent pricing underscores our focus on resolving your issues quickly. Our 4 Step Guide provides more details. Ee friendly, service-oriented mechanics are experienced and certified in servicing Continental, Japanese, Korean, and newer vehicles equipped with START-STOP engines. With recovery teams deployed throughout Singapore, we deliver the fastest response time. Within 30 minutes of the call confirmation, we are able to get to our customer’s location. Upon arrival, under normal circumstances, we complete the replacement in 5 to 10 minutes to get you back on the road with the shortest possible down time.