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What is Car Battery Replacement Service & How Does it Work?

Car Battery Replacement is the process of replacing a flat car battery with a new car battery. To simply put it in layman’s terms, Singaporeans call it “change car batteries”. A car battery is a vital component of a vehicle as it is like the heart of a body and provides the car with the energy it needs to operate.

Therefore, it is impossible to start your engine without a car battery or if it is faulty as it is an essential component of a car. Times when you have problems starting your car engine, this is where a car battery replacement service may come in handy.

A car battery may malfunction for several reasons, mainly wear and tear and old age, badly corroded car battery terminals or even faults with the alternator. Undoubtedly, a car battery replacement service is necessary so we are here to help you with that.


What is the difference between a Car Battery Replacement Service and changing car battery at the workshop?

The main difference between an onsite car battery replacement and changing your car battery at the workshop is that the service comes to you. Changing your car battery at the workshop, on the other hand, requires you to travel to their location.

But wait, how do you make it to the car workshop if your car battery is flat? You can engage our onsite car battery replacement service. Once we are being contacted, we will response within 30 minutes. 

Onsite Car Battery Replacement Service in 3 Steps

Call Our Hotline

Call +65 9449 0881 to get immediate assistance if you find yourself with a flat car battery.


Share Location

Let us know your location, describe the problem faced and be sure to be parked safely.


Get Help

We’ve got you covered, our car battery service mechanics will be with you in 30-mins.


Introducing Our 24Hrs Car Battery Replacement and Car Battery Services

Have you ever encountered such a problem when you try to start your car? You hear the sound of the engine crank but the car does not start. This is a sign that your car battery is weak and you require a Car Battery Replacement Service. So what do you do now that you are stuck with a flat car battery and that your car refuses to start? Good guess! With Car Battery Road Rescue around, you no longer have to worry or feel frustrated because we offer 24Hrs Car Battery Replacement service. Fortunately, we will come to wherever you are and have your old car battery replaced. With only 3 Quick simple steps to engage our services, you will no longer panic about having a flat car battery ever.

Car Battery Road Rescue has experience in saving thousands of vehicles in Singapore. In addition to this, all our mechanics are certified and we guarantee to deliver the best customer service. Our service extends its service area to all parts of Singapore. We are drivers ourselves and we can understand the frustration of our customers dealing with a flat car battery. Therefore, trust Car Battery Road Rescue, the leading car battery experts in assisting you.


Why Choose Our Car Battery Replacement Service?

An Automotive Battery or also more commonly known as your car battery has an average life span of 1.5 to 2 years. This is mostly due to the hot and humid climate in Singapore and it is a rare occurrence that car batteries last more than it is expected. While a car battery may fail due to several reasons such as a faulty alternator, one main factor is the age of the car battery and its applications.

Many of us know how encountering a flat car battery can be inconvenient. However, we no longer have to worry as being stranded is a thing of the past with Car Battery Road Rescue Top-rated Car Battery Replacement Singapore. Car Battery Road Rescue is quick with its responses to customer calls and swift on arrival providing 24/7 Roadside Assistance. Our experienced mechanics are well trained and equipped to find the problem and provide you with a solution on the spot. Additionally, drive with no worries as your battery is covered with 1 Year Warranty* when you choose our 24Hr Car Battery Replacement Service.


When will you need to replace car battery?

5 signs of a flat car battery and is about to fail:

→ Dimmer or flickering headlights

→ Softer than usual sounding horn

→ Engine hesitant to crank

→ An old car battery (2 Years more)

→ Corroded car battery terminals

If you experience any of these signs, then you probably should have your car battery life checked by us. Get a free quote with no obligations, let us help you and call us today!


Why Choose Our Car Battery Replacement Service?

24Hrs Car Battery Replacement Service

24/7 Car Battery Replacement is convenient, often needed when we least expect it and a flat car battery is the main cause of a car breakdown. Car Battery Road Rescue has all answers, offering services ranging from car battery replacement to even a car battery jumpstart.


Affordable & Transparent Pricing

Car Battery Road Rescue values honesty, and this makes us the #1 preferred car battery service provider in Singapore. Car battery price is quoted upfront in-call before our engagement to replace the car battery.


Fast Service, Save Time

Time is money, nobody wants to be stuck in a car breakdown and that’s why our 24/7 car battery replacement services are FAST! Get help in 30-mins with Car Battery Road Rescue and before you know it you are already back on the roads, we get you moving!


Apart from our Car Battery Services

You can always count on Car Battery Road Rescue, we are here to provide 24/7 roadside assistance to assist car breakdowns all around Singapore.
Also, our comprehensive roadside assistance services includes, car battery jumpstart, car tyre repair and more.


Our Car Battery Replacement Service Rescues

Car Battery Road Rescue takes pride in all their efforts to rescue vehicles of all brands and make. Additionally, we provide top-notch customer service, arriving quickly to change car battery at your location. Therefore, we are notably the #1 Roadside Assistance provider in Singapore.


Car Battery Pricings

For 24 hours emergency mobile roadside car battery replacement services, please call us at +65 9449 0881 to ask for price first.


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