Amaron Car Batteries


Beginning in the early 2000s, Amaron’s car battery series created quite a stir in the automotive market. As such, Amaron has now become synonymous with reliability and excellent value. You will not regret choosing Amaron batteries that meet the needs of your car when doing a car battery replacement.

Amaron – Reliability and value all in one battery

Looking for a reliable battery that gives value for your money? Do you want the security of knowing that what you pay for is what you get? At Car Battery Road Rescue, we offer Amaron because we know that it will last. The staying power of these batteries is attributed to the patented Silver Alloy that they contain.

Really, we could extol the virtues of this battery all day. Why not see for yourself? Come to Car Battery Road Rescue and try it out now!

All our car batteries are covered by warranty and qualify for 1 for 1 replacement in case of manufacturing defects.  This 1 for 1 replacement is subject to certain Term & Conditions. Schedule your visit to install Singapore’s leading car battery brand in your vehicle today.


Type/ModelCapacity 12VPrice (S$)
DIN 4545H190
DIN 80 80AH260
DIN 100100AH280