Globatt Car Batteries

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Considering GLOBATT for your next car battery replacement? Globatt’s offerings include a wide variety of Sealed Maintenance Free and Maintenance Free car batteries. These batteries range from 32 to 200 Ampere Hours in JIS and 36 to 100 Ampere Hours in DIN.

The Ca-Ca-Tin Expanded Metal Grid Technology is what is used in manufacturing GLOBATT batteries. Globatt ensures the quality of their batteries by using only raw materials from companies with AA product ratings and the best smelters in the globe. The centred Cast-On-Strap plate has greater strength and durability than regular connectors.

Globatt car batteries are robust in design to maximise performance under rough conditions. However, that does not detract from the attractive, eye-catching way in which they are packaged. These car batteries come equipped with flame arrestors to prevent potentially dangerous explosions, entry of dust and leakage of acid. They also have battery eye indicators to let you know when it is time to get a new car battery.

Have you checked your car battery lately? Let us, at Car Battery Road Rescue, do it for you. Schedule a visit for a time and place convenient to you or purchase a brand new Globatt Car Battery and let us install it for you.

All our car batteries are covered by warranty and qualify for 1 for 1 replacement in case of manufacturing defects.  Schedule your visit to install Singapore’s leading car battery brand in your vehicle today.



Type/ModelCapacity 12V
DIN 4444AH
DIN 60/6260/62AH
DIN 74/7574/75AH
DIN 85/9085/90AH
DIN 100100AH