24 Hrs Car Jump-Start Service


There may be times when your car won’t start and it’s not because your car battery is no good. Possibly, you need a Jump Start and it may not be as straightforward as it looks or sounds. To experienced persons though, it is no problem. You may need a Jump Start if you left your headlights, interior lights or other electronics in your vehicle, on for an extended period while the engine is switched off.

If you need a jump start, Call or WhatsApp’s Car Battery Road Rescue now at +65 9449-0881 and we will come to assist you anywhere in Singapore.

Be prepared to provide us with information about the problem you are facing and your car’s make and model when you call. We will make a preliminary diagnosis, provide you with costing information and a realistic expected time of arrival. Upon arrival, we will confirm the diagnosis and provide you with more information. Then we will get your car back up and be running.

Why Chose Car Battery Road Rescue

Apart from the fact that we respond anywhere and we have competitive prices, there are other good reasons to choose Car Battery Road Rescue.

Unlike the towing service or your friends who may assist you, we assess your car battery to let you know if the jump start service makes the best sense. After all, we don’t want your car to stall at the next stop or in the next few days.

*If the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) goes below a certain value, your car battery will need to be replaced because the car battery will get discharged easily.

If you need more than a jump start service, we can perform a car battery replacement, right then and there.

We put safety first. At the top of our list is ensuring that the jump start service poses no threat to your or our lives and your vehicle electronics. As such, we ensure that we use protective gear, the best materials, and the proper procedure.

When the jump start is successful, we assess your battery and the vehicle’s charging system to ensure that they are functioning well. We will advise you if the car battery needs charging or if the alternator is faulty.

Do It Yourself Advice

You may want to save yourself the few dollars to get the jump start professionally done. Nevertheless, there are some procedures you should observe. If you attempt a car battery jump start without knowing what to do, you could put your vehicle electronics or even your life at risk!

Keep gloves and goggles handy in your car, in the event that you need to perform any kind of work on it. First, ensure that the car battery is not cracked or leaking. A defective car battery in the process can cause an explosion. Clear the area, as much as possible, of children and persons not involved in the process.

You will also need jump start cables. Ensure that they are of a sufficient length to stretch from your vehicle to another. 3 to 6 meters is a good length to maintain needed distance (about 1 meter) between the vehicles. Ensure that these cables are thick and of a high grade so they can carry strong current.

The car battery that will be used to do the jump start should have higher CCA and AH than the dead car battery. If you are using another vehicle, ensure that both vehicles are in Park or Neutral with the handbrake engaged. If you are using another car battery, place it on the ground. Then, connect them in proper sequence. The “+” positive on the dead car battery should be connected to the positive post on functional battery first. After which, the “-” negative post on the functional battery should be connected to an unpainted metal located in the car or to the negative post on the dead car battery. Be careful not to cause sparks and do not touch the ends of the cables.

When the connections have been made, turn on the functioning car and allow one to five minutes to pass for the dead battery to regain some charge. You may rev the engine to speed up charging. Then try starting the car with the discharged battery. If it doesn’t start, wait for a little while then retry.

After trying and failing a number of times, you may need to do a car battery replacement or get the issue diagnosed professionally. If the jump start is successful, cautiously disconnect the batteries. Don’t switch off the engine on the car with the battery that received the jump and drives it for a while to recharge.

Only perform a jump start if you are confident and follow the instructions and safety precautions carefully. Remember that the car’s electronics and circuit board are very sensitive to electricity. Don’t try to save money, only to end up spending more. For your next jump start service, call the experts at Car Battery Road Rescue!