Bosch Car Batteries


Are you always charging your phone and other electronics in your car? Is your vehicle equipped with the latest start/stop system? Bosch rolled out it’s SM series which offers peak power for use in vehicles requiring a high power supply which is also ideal for extreme climates.

The Bosch car batteries we stock at Car Battery Road Rescue are great for running a large number of electronics in your car. We also have Bosch car batteries for mid-size cars with the usual electricity requirements and those for older cars with fewer electronics.

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All our car batteries are covered by warranty and qualify for 1 for 1 replacement in case of manufacturing defects. Schedule your visit to install Singapore’s leading car battery brand in your vehicle today.


Type/ModelCapacity 12VPrice (S$)
DIN 4545H190
DIN 8080AH260
DIN 100100AH280